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Barranco Culinary & Art Experience

Discover the flavors of Peru through its food on our 4-hour gastronomic tour in the most bohemian district of Lima's coast.



Barranco Culinary & Art Experience

Barranco Culinary & Art Experience

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  • Vegetarians

  • Celiacs

  • Non-lactose 

  • Vegans

  • Non-Alcohol options

Service Description

3 - 4 hours 

Discover the flavors of Peru through its food on our 4-hour gastronomic tour. In the most bohemian district, you will explore the best places to enjoy authentic Peruvian gastronomy, where every bite tells a story of tradition and passion. A unique culinary experience awaits you, where every dish is an invitation to immerse yourself in the richness of Peruvian culinary culture!


  • Explore Barranco, a captivating neighborhood in Lima, renowned for its cultural richness. 

  • Gain insights into the historical background of each dish by venturing into the kitchens of various restaurants.

  • Experience a guided culinary exploration with a small-group walking tour, introducing Peruvian cuisine's diverse flavors.

  • Witness skilled local hosts as they craft traditional dishes and beverages such as ceviche and pisco sour.


  • Dédalo Café 

  • Museo Jade Rivera

  • Casa Wynwood 

  • Artesanos Don Bosco 

  • Ayahuasca Restobar 

  • Awicha Restaurante  

  • Ermita de Barranco 

  • Puente de los suspiros 

  •  Restaurante Javier

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